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First impressions count for a lot, every business owner will cite the importance of a clean and well-maintained exterior of your business premises. When this area is presented well, with a smooth surface and expert finishing, customers will see your business as a more favourable enterprise.

Ensuring all the surfaces around your commercial property are kept in a good condition and looked after well will give your business the added edge over your competitors and give you the peace of mind that your business or commercial enterprise is being represented in the best possible light.

Surfacing Plus have an exhaustive and extensive list of previous clients where we have helped them with just such problems. We offer expert solutions for business enterprises, to not only give you the best solution for your exterior groundwork, but expert guidance to fit your budget and tastes.

Our long-standing relationships with suppliers and local councils mean we are in the unique position to offer an affordable yet expert service to commercial ventures within and surrounding Newcastle.

Competitive Pricing with No Compromise on Quality

We repair old or dilapidated surfaces, giving a new and fresh look to what was once a tired and worn car-park, service road or entrance to your premises.

Of course we also know that any and all disruption to your business will or could be a costly process, not only on your customers, but employees also. To counter this we aim to carry out work in a timely and professional manner, working around your business hours when necessary. Our work will aim to cause the least disruption to all areas of your daily business activities – working quickly with no compromise to the quality of the works being carried out.

Superior Workmanship

Our team combined have decades of experience surfacing with a variety of materials

Health & Safety Certified

We adhere to all best environmental and safety standards. The team are fully versed in latest practices

Friendly Team

Our company ethos is to deliver our craft with a smile. We always like to leave our customers happy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All work carried out carries a minimum 2-year guarantee. Our workmanship is among the best in the trade


Pathways to and from your business will be a necessary part of the architecture of the premises. Keeping these at a well-maintained level is not only required by local councils but essential for a safe and secure entry point. We consider all aspects of the general walkways, offering expert guidance on the options available to you.

Repairing damage or laying a new groundwork option is what we do best. The team will work closely with you to identify your needs and work closely to the guidance laid out by the local council.

When you fail to maintain these pathways, cracks, potholes and uneven surfaces will be the result. This will not only result in accidents but also possible libel action against your business.

Working with a range of materials, to your preference or needs, we will ensure a long-lasting pathway accompanied by a quality workmanship finish.


Driveways that are damaged, full of potholes/cracks or simply well worn, will not reflect your business in the best light. Your commercial driveway should be in a pristine and clean state, ensuring all visitors to the property view you as a competent and reliable enterprise – anything less than this is simply not doing yourself or your business any justice.

Installing driveways has been our business for many years. We will offer a tailored solution, that not only paints your business in the best light, but will greatly decrease the likelihood of causing damage to vehicles and those visiting you.

Our team have experience with all possible materials for your commercial driveway surface. This ranges from asphalt, tarmac, resin and paving. Whether you wish to repair and patch up existing driveway work, or need a full groundwork renovation, our experienced and friendly team can guide you in the right direction.

Car Parks

Making a great first impression can often start in the car park of a business. Smooth groundwork, clear painted entry and exit markings and an area in a well-kept condition will give your staff and customers the confidence of a first-class operation – whereas one filled with potholes, cracks and worn signage will have the opposite effect.

Encouraging this confidence from when clients first enter is a must for all commercial ventures. We can resurface, lay new tarmac or level all damaged car park surfaces. Our team will also ensure all works are carried out to an expert finish.